Traveling to Serbia

Come and visit our lovely country in Southeast Europe — take in the local culture, the food and the fun. Visit Belgrade, the capital, or Novi Sad, Niš or any of the other charming towns big and small. Here are some of the common ways of traveling to Serbia.

By plane

The quickest way to come to Serbia is in most cases by plane. Belgrade’s International Nikola Tesla Airport has connections to almost every capital in Europe and direct flights to long-haul destinations, such as New York.

There are many companies offering flights to and from Belgrade, including the national airline, Air Serbia, which has routes to almost every country in Europe as well as to other continents. Many low-cost carriers offer additional services to popular holiday destinations during the summer.

Here you can find further information on flights to Belgrade.

There is also an airport in Niš, which offers a lot of low-cost flights to European cities.

By car

Serbia has one motorway connecting the North and South of the country and many smaller roads, with various improvements underway. Belgrade is signalized on every route, making it easy to navigate your way to our capital.

You can bring your own vehicle to Serbia, but it’s important to prepare all your paperwork beforehand. If you’re insured in an EU country you no longer need a green card, but you should check that your policy covers Serbia before traveling.

Like many European countries, there are some highway tolls, which you can pay in dinars, euros or with Mastercard/Visa. Fuelling stations are very frequent along the main roads, offering petrol and diesel of EU quality at slightly cheaper rates than Western Europe, but expensive compared to North America.

By train

Serbia is well connected to all of its neighboring countries by train, with a range of day and night time services available. Whilst there are not many direct routes from Belgrade to other European capitals, you can reach most destinations by changing trains a few times.

However, while the train is a great way of traveling through Serbia, we wouldn’t recommend it for international travels, since those trains tend to be old and slow.

The Balkan Flexipass is a cheap way of traveling to, from or around Serbia. The pass includes travel on the following train operators:

By bus

The national bus service in Serbia has an excellent network. There are many services to different European capital cities and whilst the coaches range in age, the prices remain very low and offer the cheapest way to explore the Balkans and beyond.

Below are the main bus companies offering routes in Serbia, but you may also find other services available from your home country:

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