August 5, 2020

Serbian Software Shrouded in Mystery Earns 6 Figure Monthly Revenue in Just 6 Months

Maybe there is no better example of Serbian entrepreneurial adaptability than Flock Social, a company that had multiple pivots every time Instagram changed the rules of the game. Now it has more than 5,000 clients worldwide and 6 figure monthly revenue in USD. 

Ever increasing Instagram popularity led to new business and marketing strategies. Brands want visibility, influencers seek followship, and everybody needs to sell. The companies that offer different ways to increase followers on social media came to life overnight, but one company that is currently leading the way is a Serbian startup company Flock Social. 

When co-founders Aleksandar Besarovic and Nikola Cicmil quit their jobs back in 2017, after earning $400 in one day, they resembled a marketing agency more than a tech company. But being a tech company was always the goal. Flock Social develops software for automatisation of interaction and growth of business accounts on Instagram. 

Increasing followers and interactions on Instagram was not a tough job until Instagram changed the rules in 2019. The new algorithm, however, spotted the automated reactions and shunned those profiles from the news feed of their followers. With the increase of their followship, the things got worse for influencers and the profiles were even less featured in their followers’ news feeds. 

Flock Social had long anticipated this change, and instead of panicking, went full speed ahead, transitioning from marketing agency to a tech company. They keep the tech solution they built shrouded in mystery, but the fact that they are bootstrapped, self-financed to this day, speaks for itself. 

The software is used by more than 5,000 businesses and influencers, online shops, local businesses, entrepreneurs and photographers. They acquired 5,000 clients in 6 months and their client base keeps growing every day. They are currently making 6-figure revenue, with ambition to become the first Serbian unicorn. 

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