July 4, 2019

Serbian Publitio, an Image and Video API Solution, Raises $320,000 From Local Investors

New on the market, a startup Publitio has the vision to become a leader in the field of storage, processing, and delivery of all kinds of media files. The cloud storage market will become $80 billion worth in 2022, growing up from $100 billion in 2025. Recently, Publitio raised €200,000 investment from the Serbian company Vega IT.

Publitio is a Serbian startup, founded in 2017 with a purpose to enable web and mobile app development companies to store and manipulate photos and video files in an easy way without use of any programming. The startup helps companies save development time, reduce costs and make life of developers easier. Publitio accomplishes this by simplifying the use of the cloud storage infrastructure through the WEB and API solutions developed by its team.

Nemanja Divjak, founder of Publitio with 15 years of experience in dealing with large amounts of data and server maintenance, estimates the size of the market in tens of billions of dollars:

In comparison to Amazon S3 or Azure, we have made it easier to leverage their infrastructure to end-users through our service built on these platforms. Each day, 20-30 new users are registered organically. Publitio has been conquering the U.S. market since last year, where several thousand business users have already been acquired.

Nemanja Divjak

Although Publitio is already operating successfully, it recently received the latest investment from Vega IT, a Serbian software development company that has been successfully operating in the UK, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands for over 10 years. Vega IT invested €200,000 in Publitio.

Saša Popović, a founder of Vega IT, said:

Our starting point is always getting to know who the people that run the business are and how capable they are of launching the product to the global market. In this case, we were delighted with the founders of Publitio and their product. We believe that Nemanja and Vujadin, who are the founders, can achieve incredible success with their businesses, and we will do our best to help them.

Saša Popović

Above all, Nemanja emphasizes the importance of the knowledge that Vega IT will bring to their company:

Vega’s decision to invest in the Publitio project attained some validation for the service we are building. We think this was a smart strategic move in the future development ahead of us, as Vega IT has a serious know-how to help us go further with Publitio.

Nemanja Divjak

In addition to this investment, in the last two years, €30,000 has been invested by ICT Hub Venture, which is the first private investment fund in Serbia for early-stage startups, and €80,000 by the Innovation Fund.

The funds will be invested in expanding the team, product development, acquiring new paid users and providing a Matching Grant (Innovative Fund).

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