December 18, 2018

Serbian Agremo Raises $600,000 Investment from SC Ventures and Startlabs

Serbian company Agremo, the creator of a platform that uses modern technology to enable remote monitoring and analysis of farmland, has received an investment of $600,000 last December.

The main investor is South Central Ventures, with a StartLabs in collaboration. The goal of the investment is to enable Agremo to continue to develop its team and customer base in different regions around the world.

Agremo is a software platform for farmers, breeders, and anyone involved in soil and crop health. It was founded in 2015, and it uses drones to analyze the aerial images. Using artificial intelligence, machine learning and computer vision, the platform creates a “brain” that helps in better crop management.

For over 100 species of plants in all stages of growth, Agremo platform allows users to: find out the number of plants, detect diseases, problems with pests and weeds, recognize if there is a water shortage, determine the flowering level and more. The platform is compatible with any type of equipment, including all commercial drones and sensors (RGB, NIR, multispectral, etc.), as well as data collected from satellites.

The company was founded by three Serbs: Milan Dobrota (CEO), Rastko Čarapić (COO) and Nebojša Pavičić (CTO); a team with expertise in the fields of agriculture, data science, drones and the general development of tech solutions.

Agremo has made a name for itself in precision agriculture by mapping over 100,000 acres of arable land for its users in more than 100 countries worldwide, with the largest number in the United States. As the adoption of drone technologies and remote sensing in agricultural production increases, the demand for professionals in the field is expected to increase significantly. Agremo’s team is currently comprised of 25 professionals, meaning it’s well-positioned to meet that demand.

Milan Dobrota, founder and CEO of Agremo, said about the investment:

So far, we have been able to successfully expand our business to more than 100 countries, and with the help and experience of South Central Ventures, I believe we will succeed in achieving our plans to further expand and position Agremo as a key player in this area.

Milan Dobrota, founder and CEO, Agremo

Jan Kobler, Managing Partner at South Central Ventures, said about Agremo:

Digital transformation and the use of technology in agriculture is one of the areas we look at very positively. The founders of Agremo and the entire team were able to articulate very clearly the value this platform provides to farmers, which is again confirmed by the growing demand for their solutions and various models of cooperation with some of the world’s largest agricultural brands. We are very excited to be able to work with Milan and his team to grow their business internationally.

Jan Kobler, Managing Partner, South Central Ventures

This was the 10th South Central Ventures investment in Serbia.

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