September 10, 2019

Nordeus Opens a New Hub and Runs Support Programmes For Game Developers

Newly opened, Nordeus Hub is a 260 square meters free co-working space, but also a space for events and support programmes for the developer and design community in Belgrade.

According to Nordeus, the new hub is aimed at developing indie game teams, startups and boosting talent to advance the promising gaming ecosystem in Serbia. Offering educational programmes, meetups, presentations, and community events, the Hub will be a center where people can learn and develop their skills, collaborate, find associates, and receive help and support from the Nordeus team, as well as from other companies and industry professionals.

The new Nordeus Hub is located in the GTC Green Heart Business Complex, next to the newly opened Nordeus Building, and covers 260 square meters. It has a capacity of 30 seats in the co-working space and approximately 70 seats for event visitors, as well as two meeting rooms, a kitchen and other rooms.

Two key programmes planned to launch in 2019 are Booster and Intro to Gaming.

Booster is a free programme that will offer teams and individuals in the gaming industry a co-working space for six months, opening up opportunities for them to collaborate. In addition, it will offer a series of specially designed workshops and mentoring opportunities by Nordeus professionals. The first programme has already started thanks to applications made through cooperation with SGA (Association of Video Game Industry of Serbia), but anyone interested in the next round can apply at the following link.

Intro to Gaming is a programme that covers a range of events and presentations aimed at anyone interested in a career in the gaming industry, and it covers all aspects of work. By the end of 2019, this project plans to cover several topics: the video game industry in the world, the Free-to-Play game market, video game development, video game art, production, video game design, etc.

The first event is scheduled for early October.

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