February 10, 2021

Helbiz, Startup With CTO and a Team of 40 People in Belgrade, Will Publicly Trade on Nasdaq

Helbiz, an italian-american startup that has a CTO and a team of 40 people in Belgrade Serbia, announced that it will go public via SPAC. It will trade on NASDAQ under the symbol “HLBZ”.

Helbiz is an intra-urban transportation company with a mission to solve the first- and last-mile transportation problem of high-traffic urban areas. It operates in the field of micromobility, which refers to small and light vehicles moving up to 25 km / h and which are driven personally by users. These include scooters, bicycles, electric bicycles and scooters. Helbiz is the first company in micromobility industry that will go public.

The company has opened its Belgrade office in 2019, whose team counts over 40 people and CTO, Nemanja Stancic. The team is focused on research and development, working on all of the company’s new products, as well as offering technical support. Helbiz app is used by over 2.5 million people worldwide.

Nemanja Stancic, CTO of Helbiz, has been working in the company since 2018. When the company made the decision to expand its team, he returned to Serbia with an idea to form a research and development team that will hire local Serbian talent.  

With the development of technological solutions in the field of transport and sustainable transport, there is an increasing surge in completely new and simple solutions for fast movement through overcrowded cities of the world. Increasingly strict environmental norms are coming into force in developed countries, which are slowly suppressing traditional car transport in the cities.

In addition to Belgrade, Helbiz has its bicycles and electric scooters in other European cities such as Milan, Turin, Verona, Rome and Madrid.

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