Here you can find a list of some of the best-known places that serve or deliver food. Although these are all great places to eat, we can’t call these “recommendations” because there are many other great ones. This list is largely based on the reputation of these joints and is here to show you the variety of things Serbia has to offer.

Some of these places are famous, old restaurants, some are fast-food joints, and some are known only in certain circles of people. In every major city there is usually some kind of a “hub”, a street or an area, where you can find multiple options to eat.

We want to make it easier for you to skim over the list so we have divided it into Serbian, International and Vegan, Vegetarian & Fish sections.

1. Serbian

The Serbian cuisine is sometimes considered “heavy”, because it’s based mainly on meat and strong, salty and hot flavors. Of course, you shouldn’t let that fool you, because there are many traditional Serbian meals which don’t include meat at all.

Things you should definitely try are:
  • Kajmak - a creamy dairy product
  • Ajvar - a condiment similar to salsa usually made of red bell peppers
  • Sarma - a minced meat or vegetarian substitution rolled in a cabbage leafs
  • Prebranac - a Serbian way of preparing beans
  • Burek - a form of very greasy pastry, made of flakey dough which is traditionally eaten with yogurt


Skadarlija is a bohemian street in the city center and one of the main tourist attractions in Belgrade. In the past, this was the place where many notable poets, artists, and intellectuals gathered. The street is populated with many restaurants like Dva jelena, Zlatni bokal, Šešir moj, Tri šešira, mainly built in the 19th century. Here you can eat traditional Serbian cuisine and enjoy music ensembles which play old urban folk songs, nourishing the essence of Belgrade’s past.

There are a lot of bakery chains, like Trpković, Hleb i kifle, Skroz dobra pekara, Roggenart, and even more independent ones. If you ask anybody, they will fanatically talk about the place which they think has the best burek, trash talking all the other places.

Serbian barbecue fast foods
Many regions in the Balkans have their own way of preparing barbecue, the most famous ones coming from Leskovac, Sarajevo and Banja Luka. The process looks like this – you go to the kiosk, you choose the kind of meat you want (there are dozens of options), they put it in the type of bread you want (usually bun, pita or tortilla) and you choose what kind of salads and sauces you want in. So, you “build” your own sandwich from scratch.

Similar to bakeries, there are innumerable places where you can eat this kind of barbecue, so it’s up to you to discover your favourite. Some popular ones are Ranković, Drama Ćevapi, Walter, Grill 51, Papas, Mikan, Savčić… Usually, you'll want to eat in a place which you can feel has a soul, which looks like it’s been there for a long time.

Dolina gladnih (eng. Valley of the Hungry)
Goce Delčeva Street in Novi Beograd is famous for the number of fast food restaurants you can find there. Everything, from grill and bakeries to pizzas, pancakes and Chinese food… If you are out with a group of friends (doesn’t matter how big the group is) everyone will find something they like.

Konoba kod Goce i Renata
This tavern is located on the Danube bank and serves traditional and fish meals. They are not only famous for their food but also for their owner who catches fresh fish each morning. He became famous because he usually steers his boat nearby the Pančevo Bridge where he has managed to save several people trying to commit suicide jumping from the bridge.

Restaurant “?”
This bistro was built in 1823 and is one of the oldest continuously working restaurants in Serbia. It was financed by Miloš Obrenović who gained semi-independence for Serbia in the Second Serbian Uprising against the Ottomans. It is located across the St. Michael's Cathedral and was originally named after it. When church protested against a bistro bearing the same name, the owner changed it to “?” as a sign of his own protest, planning to think of a better name, but never actually got around to doing it.

Ferdinand dumplings
This traditionally cooked dough is usually served as a dessert, filled with some kind of fruit (most commonly plums), but Ferdinand offers savoury versions too. They’ve managed to make a name for themselves in a very short time and open several shops.

Novi Sad

There are a lot of famous bakeries in Novi Sad, like Anja, Milan, Central, Violeta, Koliba, Burek Plus, Kao nekad, Hleb i kifle, Skroz dobra pekara.

Serbian barbecue fast foods
Many regions in the Balkans have their own way of preparing barbecue, the most famous ones coming being those from Leskovac, Sarajevo, and Banja Luka. The process looks like is this – you go to the kiosk, you choose the kind of meat you want (there are dozens of options), they put it in the type of bread you want (usually bun, pita, or tortilla) and you choose what kind of salads and sauces you want in. So, you “build” your own sandwich from scratch.

In Novi Sad, popular grill places include Big Rory (known by locals as Kod Brene), Kod Jefte, Žar Mance, Bubi grill, Sarajevski ćevap kod Dakca, Banjalučki ćevap, Stevča Soul Food, Walter…

Ribarsko ostrvo (“Fisherman’s Island”)
If you like hanging out and eating fish by the river when the weather is nice, come visit Ribarsko ostrvo. Here you will find a lot of restaurants, anchored boats and rafts on the Danube. There is even a small beach. In addition to relaxing, coffee drinking, and eating you can visit rafts in the evening and enjoy tambourine orchestras, DJs and folk music.

Index sandwich
This isn’t a specific place, but a type of sandwich synonymous with Novi Sad. There are a bunch of places that serve Index sandwich, but some of the most famous ones are Index Maja and Index Vanessa. Also, Marijana is very popular because it is located in the city center, in the Modena street.

Astal Šaren
A famous traditional-style restaurant, with a lot of choices, but mainly focused on barbecue.

Lazin Salaš
Salaš is a traditional type of farm which consists of a family house, barn, stable and granary, surrounded by arable land and pastures. Nowadays there are a lot of restaurants built to model a salaš. Lazin Salaš is one of the most famous ones, easily reached because it is in the center of Novi Sad.

Plava Frajla
Traditional food, focused largely on the Vojvodina specialties. While you eat, there is a tambourine ensemble to entertain you with traditional Vojvodina-style mellow songs.

Restaurant Knin
Best known for “lamb in a sač (pronounced ‘such’)”, the specialty of Serbia. Sač is a type of metal plate under which the meat is cooked, giving it its unique taste and soft texture.


There are a lot of bakeries in Niš, but Anton is by far the most famous one.

Dagi Plus
One of the most famous places in the entire region, where you can eat lamb and mutton meat.

Nišlijska mehana
Ethno vibes and a matching cuisine. In addition to sač and grill specialties, they also prepare old Serbian dishes, which are somewhat forgotten today.

Kafana Brka
For a lot of Niš natives, this is the best restaurant of traditional Serbian cuisine in the whole region. It lies just outside Niš, near Niška Banja (the spa next to Niš).

At city entrance, you will find the restaurant Mrak, famous for its menu. People say that this is something you can’t afford to miss.

2. International

A large number of restaurants serve Mediterranean dishes, usually Italian or French, but you will find an increasing number of restaurants in Belgrade, Novi Sad, and Niš that serve Asian, American, Lebanese, Indian food, among others.


Beton Hala
Beton Hala is located on Belgrade docks and was supposed to be a storage facility. But, it was renovated and turned into one of the most prestigious gastronomy and nightlife corners of Belgrade. You can find many high-end international, sushi and pizza places here. It is famous for restaurants like Magaza, Druga Piazza, Sakura, Lavash and others. In the evening many of these restaurants turn into party spots with DJs and live music.

Fast Food Chains
There are many international and Serbian fast-food chains in Belgrade. You can find McDonald's (in many locations), KFC, Asia Food, Dva štapića, Big Pizza, Caribic Pizza, Burrito Madre, Agi Pasta Away and many more.

Kalemegdan Terrace
The best thing about this restaurant is its location on the Belgrade Fortress and the view of the Sava's confluence into the Danube. They mainly serve international dishes, with some Serbian options. This place is good for business meetings.

Pizzeria Trg
This fast food serves pizzas and pancakes. It is very well known among the locals because it’s located on the Square of the Republic and works round the clock, so a lot of young people eat here after the long night, before catching a night bus home.

The lot in Cetinjska 15 street is famous for its many coffee shops and clubs which are frequented by Serbian and international hipsters. Foodporn offers hearty burgers that are quite famous in those circles.

If you are up for some Lebanese food, shawarma, kafta, falafel, and you want a richer experience than you would otherwise get in one of many Lebanese fast foods in Belgrade, this restaurant is a good option. Of course, this is the place where you can find a lot of vegetarian options as well.

Tesla Restaurant
This restaurant has a really interesting menu. To honor the greatest Serbian scientist, they’ve devised their menu based on the cuisine of the cities that Nikola Tesla lived in. They also have vegetarian options.

PizzaBar & Botako
These two pizzerias have multiple shops in Belgrade. They are known for their quality so many people eat here when they want above-the-average pizzas. You can also find pastas, salads, soups, and desserts.

Salon 5 & Salon 1905
High-class restaurants that serve Mediterranean cuisine. They pride themselves on keeping the fine balance between culinary, gastronomical and visual elements. Their interiors are reminiscent of the Viennese and Parisian traditions, wrapped in brass, marble, and gold.

Novi Sad

Downtown Novi Sad
The whole city center is like one big hub, where you can find everything: food, drinks, and entertainment. The Modena Street is a little bit on the fancy side and offers several cafes and places to eat.

Zmaj Jovina street
Passages that all lead to the main city street, Zmaj Jovina, are full of pubs, cafes, restaurants, and fast food places. The most popular are Gusan, Bezec, Mamut, Irish pub (all pubs), coffee shop Absolut, pastry shops Maša and Šeherezada. Take a walk down the Katolička porta street where you will come across a fountain around which you can always see children play. Here you will find a famous restaurant Atina, healthy drinks in Wake Up and pizza in La Forza.

The restaurant was launched by colleagues from the Faculty of Technology. They make sausages based on their own recipes, as well as hams, spreads and dried meat. They have a lot of craft beers and organize pub quizzes. Programmers like this place.

Pastry shop Carigrad
This pastry shop was opened 80 years ago, so it was a predecessor to many things in this region. Their sweets are so famous that they have an impressive list of the national and Hollywood stars who came here to try their products.

Toster Bar
This is the best place in Novi Sad if you want to eat some classic American style burgers.

The Camelot
If you are up for some great ribs, this place is for you. But don’t worry, they do offer some vegetarian and vegan options.

When you want to enjoy a pleasant evening to the sounds of piano and violin, Fontana is a good choice. Their menu is international and the food is something that every gourmand would appreciate.

Pizzeria Ciao
This is the pizza place in Novi Sad. It’s been up and running for 20 years, and there’s no one who grew up in Novi Sad who hasn’t tried their pizzas. Now, they have shops in two locations.


Juice Point
This place is great for a laid-back brunch, but that shouldn’t stop you from paying it a visit on any other occasion. The place is vegetarian and vegan-friendly.

Pasta Bar 2x2
You can find this pasta bar in two locations in Niš. It is the most famous, go-to place for anyone craving Italian food in Niš.

Irish Pub Crazy Horse
Located on a quay, the edge this pub has over others is the great view and atmosphere. The food is European, with vegetarian options.

Pleasure Club
Pleasure Club gravitates towards the upper-class sophistication. With a lot of vegetarian and vegan options, the main menu is based on European and fusion cuisines.

Go Go pizzeria
The oldest pizzeria in Niš, a pioneer in many ways. This is the place to go when you are up for some great pizza.

As the name suggests, this is a high-end, lux restaurant. The menu is based on European cuisine, of course with vegetarian options.

Fast food chains
There are many international and Serbian based fast-food chains in Niš. You can find Caribic pizza, McDonald's and many others.

3. Vegan, Vegetarian & Fish

Ten years ago you could hardly find any vegetarian option in Serbia, except for fish (if you were that kind of vegetarian). Now, the situation is completely different. A healthy lifestyle is becoming increasingly popular here, so vegetarian and vegan restaurants are opening up constantly.

In the Serbian and the International sections, there are a lot of places that serve vegetarian options, but below you will find restaurants and fast foods that base their entire menu on healthy options.


One of the restaurants located in the Beton Hala. As their name suggests, their menu mainly consists of fish and healthy options (the word "zelenish" has a root in the word green and it refers to all of the healthy vegetables).

A Japanese restaurant located in the Beton Hala. In addition to sushi and fish meals, there are other meat options too. They have a lounge area, house DJ, cocktail and wine bars, so it’s not only a “restaurant”.

Konoba Gušti Mora
This restaurant is located near the Belgrade Sava lake and mainly serves saltwater fish. With a cozy atmosphere and a big drinks card, it is a good place for relaxed business meetings.

Sometimes you want to eat healthy food, but you don’t have enough time to sit in a restaurant. FitBar has three locations in Belgrade and it is the favorite place for many people who eat healthy when they go on a lunch break.

Garden Food
This fast food offers a variety of meal salads without meat or with fish. They also have other healthy options like pottages and soups and they deliver their food.

In the business quarter of Novi Beograd, you can find Oliva, one of the oldest vegetarian restaurants in Belgrade. They offer a variety of food, so you shouldn’t have problems finding something you like..

This lounge, café, and international cuisine restaurant offers real vegan dishes, without eggs or fish. And if you want to eat with your carnivorous friend, they’ll be happy to find a lot of options for themselves.

Moon Sushi Bar
Serbia has an increasing number of sushi restaurants and Moon Sushi Bar is one of the most popular ones in Belgrade. A real plus is that you can have sushi to go.

Stara Koliba
Belgrade quays are packed with restaurants and clubs on boats and rafts. Stara Koliba (translates as "Old Cottage") offers traditional food (mainly river and sea fish) with a modern touch. Of course, half the enjoyment is in the vibe of the place, as is the case for most quay restaurants.

Restoran Šaran
This fish restaurant in the Belgrade municipality of Zemun Belgrade, named after a carp, is famous for its fish soup. It’s a good place for family or business gatherings and, in the evening, you can enjoy live tambura band.

Bevanda is the name for a drink made of wine and water, originally from the coastal region of Croatia. This name describes the restaurant well – you will find Mediterranean cuisine, sea fish and relaxed atmosphere. It's a nice place for romantic or family gatherings.

Fit i Sit
Fit i Sit literally means "fit and full". This is a fast food restaurant that serves salads, pasta, sandwiches, pottages, but also some healthy meat options. They also do delivery.

Novi Sad

Ananda is actually the first completely vegan restaurant in Serbia. Cooked, fried and fresh vegetables, spreads made on the spot, local recipes… Great food for anyone who wants to eat healthy.

This organic food restaurant is a mix between a restaurant and fast food. If you want fresh healthy food that makes your body healthy, Vege-Vegan is great for you.

Restaurant La Morena
The menu is based on seafood, but you can find many other things here.

Fish & Zelenish
The word zelenish is derived from the word green, which is used in Serbia to denote any green, leafy vegetable. It is easy to imagine what kind of food you can order here - mainly Mediterranean, with the accent on fish and seafood.

Aqua Doria
Located very close to the Petrovaradin Fortress, this restaurant mainly serves seafood and fish, as tambourine orchestras play soft music.

Riba ribi grize rep
Named after a well-known Serbian language tongue twister (fish bites fish’s tail) this is a small cozy tavern that bases its menu on — you guessed it — fish.

Samo Sushi
The most famous sushi place in Novi Sad, serving all kinds of Japanese food. If you want to stay at home and eat great sushi, they do deliveries.


Riblja konoba
“Fish Tavern”, as the name suggests, offers cozy, warm experience and serves fish and seafood. You can also stay at home and eat great fish because they deliver their food.

Restoran Mediteraneo
Famous for its fish specialties, they do serve other kinds of food, like pasta, pizzas etc. Very nice and cozy atmosphere.

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