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A Wellspring of Talent

The Serbian tech innovation community consists of a large number of talented individuals and organizations. As such it has been recognized by some of the world's top tech companies.

See how Microsoft Leverages Serbian talent for Research & Development

Did you know that Serbian engineers are developing Azure and core AI solutions for Microsoft Office? Based mostly on creativity and perseverance, Microsoft Development Center Serbia has become one of Microsoft’s most reliable R&D teams, known for its engineering excellence and outstanding mastery of emerging technologies.

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See how Google is developing the Serbian startup scene

Serbia recently became the first country in Europe with a startup accelerator in its global acceleration partner network. This decision was based on the fact that Serbia has really strong tech universities and a big number of developers per capita, all ingredients of a successful startup ecosystem.

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About Tesla Nation

Tesla Nation™ is a project by SEE ICT / Startit started with the goal of choosing the best technology inventors and professionals of Serbian heritage and connecting them to partners from all around the world,
inspired by the vision and ambition of Nikola Tesla.

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