March 20, 2020

Bratislav, a Serb from a Small City of Pirot, is behind the Famous Music Tones from JBL Speakers

Bratislav believes it doesn’t matter where you come from. It’s how you work that counts. For success, you need knowledge, sacrifice, and quality work.

When we turn on JBL speakers, there is a famous music tone that welcomes us. The idea comes from Bratislav Vidanovic, a specialist in 3D and VFX production from Pirot, Serbia. “We wanted to give a personal characteristic to the speaker and point to the story behind it,” he says as he begins his story about success.

After master studies in England and six years of work experience in China, Bratislav decided to move back to Serbia – the place where it all began.

His interests in technology started in 1995, when he got a first computer from his parents. During primary and secondary school, he learned the basics of graphic design programs, programs for audio recordings, and programs for video production. He worked a couple of small jobs that, in addition to providing some pocket money, enabled him to always keep up with the new technologies.

Education in Serbia, than in England

During his bachelor studies in Belgrade, Bratislav got the opportunity to meet people with similar interests. They started working on some big projects together and had a couple of 3D exhibitions in Belgrade.

Bratislav decided to continue his studies, and choose a graduate program in 3D and VFX production and postproduction in England. He says that the scientific part of the studies was extremely important. “It created new insights into the work I wanted to do,” he says.

Six Years in Chinese Company Harman

After completing studies in England, Bratislav got a job offer from a Chinese company Harman. This was a six month contract with a task to create a set of videos for OMNI speakers. However, Bratislav stayed for six years during which he completed many projects, gained a lot of experience, and made amazing friends. He led a digital design team and his work is part of Harman’s major brands such as JBL, Harman/Kardon i AKG.

Bratislav was able to recognize the direction in which the graphic industry was developing, and he proposed radical, new changes to his boss. He gained trust and soon became a person to go for all questions about new softwares and hardwares. As a consequence, he got an offer to create and lead a team for digital production assets in Manhattan. 

Idea Behind Music Tones on JBL Devices

One of the most interesting things that Bratislav created, not only in his company but in the whole industry, was the sound effect that we hear when we turn on devices

This idea was generated while he was creating animation for a speaker presentation for an IFA event in Berlin. That animation projected a visual story around the speaker, telling the audience the background story for each individual speaker. The director decided that the sound effect from this application fits well with the brand. 

“The vision of my director was to stop using standardized sound and to create a specific sound that would distinguish our brand. We have created systematic sounds for brands JBL and AKG, and now all our products have those sounds.” Bratislav says. He is still very proud when he sees the package of their products or hears the sound when someone turns them on to test them in shopping malls and airports across the world.

Tech Work Can be Done from Anywhere in the World – and Bratislav Choose to Move Back to Serbia

Before moving to China, Bratislav already had international experience from England, and moving to the other side of the world did not awaken any fears of unknown. Everyone in his team was curious to learn about Serbia. He says, “I am happy that I was able to bring my country closer to so many people, and many of them expressed a wish to visit Serbia”. Now when he lives again in his home country, he is sure that a lot of his friends would actually go and visit him.

Branislav refused an offer to build a team in Manhattan, and made a decision to move back. He believes that the tech sector opens up opportunities for remote jobs and that, as long as you create quality work, you can do it from any place in the world. In his opinion, Serbia has a great potential and a bright tech future!

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