April 30, 2020

Bloomberg Says “Invest in a Serbian Startup in 2020”

Bloomberg asks experts about smart ways to invest during the pandemic. Interviewee places Clockify shoulder to shoulder with Slack as a bulletproof investment.

Investing right now may seem counterintuitive to many. However, even if the post-COVID-19 world suffers a terrible shock, it will not come to stand still. The show must go on, after all. 

One of the world’s most esteemed business media, Bloomberg, gathered experts and asked them where they would invest a million dollars in 2020. Their answers varied from copper extraction to investing in electric vehicles or art pieces. After all, investing in gold bars, wine and real estate seems the traditional way to preserve value during recession. 

Yet, during times when COVID-19 forces corporations to work outside of their comfort zones and conference rooms, the particularly obvious answer is investing in tools that enable and facilitate remote work. An even more obvious choice is, according to Clara Bulurk, Serbian trailblazing startup Clockify, which she recommended as an investment opportunity alongside renowned Slack. 

Clara Bulurk is a partner at the fund Alvarium Investments, a fund in charge of $15 billion worth of capital. She believes that the pandemic is and will cause rapid digitalization in many areas, and that we are witnessing a massive shift in consumer behavior across all industries. Areas of technology she advised to invest in are the productivity tools, healthcare, entertainment, education and cybersecurity. 

Think along the lines of technologies that do not involve touching people. 

She also pointed out that remote work will grow exponentially, hence the companies worth investing in would be Slack and Clockify. The latter happens to be a Serbian startup with over 2 million  users worldwide. 

Nenad Milanović, CEO and Founder of Clockify gave a statement regarding this mention. 

“We are very happy that our product was recognized as a leader in its business niche and an investment to place your bet on. We ourselves have been betting on it for almost 3 years now. In this situation, it is important that we are in the position to open many new non-programming work places, hire faster than before the pandemic and in that way contribute to development of the startup ecosystem in Serbia.”

Serbia has been recognized as a source of lucrative talented workforce and street savvy bootstrapping founders that leveraged their knowledge to make up for lack of capital when Serbian startup ecosystem was in its embryo phase. They managed to create scalable worldwide phenomena, such as Top Eleven, Fishing Booker and pave the way for many others we are awaiting to ripen, much like Clockify. 

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