October 14, 2019

Microsoft Development Center Serbia – Behind the Scenes Of a High-Tech Development Center

Did you know that Serbian engineers are developing Azure and core AI solutions for Microsoft Office? Based mostly on creativity and perseverance, and working since 2005, Microsoft Development Center Serbia (MDCS) has become one of Microsoft’s most reliable centers. It is known for engineering excellence and outstanding mastery of emerging technologies. We are diving into the history of MDCS, but also its present, and some of the cutting-edge projects that emerged behind these walls. How did it all begin?

Kagi.ai Is a New Startup That Wants To Completely Reverse the Way We Search

Startup Kagi.ai should allow users to get direct answers to questions asked on the web.


Elementary School Students In Serbia to Start Learning Basics of Data Science and Graphics in Addition to Textual Programming

The Petlja Foundation zealously publishes manuals that help students and teachers in their teaching and learning process.


Nordeus Opens a New Hub and Runs Support Programmes For Game Developers

Newly opened, Nordeus Hub is a 260 square meters free co-working space, but also a space for events and support programmes for the developer and design community in Belgrade.


Master 4.0—New Study Programmes Merge Computer Science and Business Knowledge

Four interdisciplinary study programmes under the unique name Master 4.0, created through close collaboration between universities and industry, have been presented in Belgrade. The aim of these programmes is to connect contemporary IT knowledge with business skills needed to develop digital products and services.


Videobolt, a Local Video Content Creation Platform, Raises € 500,000

Serbian Videobolt, the startup behind a platform that brings together professionals who do video production and people who need video production services and have no prior knowledge of creating video content, today announced the raising of a € 500,000 investment. The investment was spearheaded by South Central Ventures Local Investment Fund.


Easy Aerial Is a Startup That Builds a Surveillance Drone System and Collaborates With the US Military

Easy Aerial’s founding team is an eclectic Serbian-American-Israeli mix of three founders.


Entelo Acquires ConveyIQ, a US Startup With a Development Team In Belgrade

ConveyIQ’s Applicant Communication Studio application offers an integrated solution for candidate communication, automated scheduling and digital job interviewing, making it easier to recruit candidates for large companies. Last November, the company received a $5.5M investment from SC Ventures.


Serbia Tops Increase of Foreign Direct Investments

Serbia storms to top at inbound greenfield investment relative to the size of each country’s economy.


Serbia Among 50 Countries In the World to Sign the Singapore Convention

The Singapore Convention applies to international settlement agreements resulting from mediation, concluded by parties to resolve a commercial dispute.


Why Super, a Fast-Growing Californian Startup, Chose to Base Their Tech and Product Team in Serbia

Super, a San Francisco technology company has a fast-growing office in Belgrade.


IT Departments’ Popularity Continues to Grow in Serbian High Schools – Two Students Vying for One Seat

According to the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, 1,644 students have passed the entrance exam for specialized IT departments this year.


Serbian Publitio, an Image and Video API Solution, Raises $320,000 From Local Investors

New on the market, a startup Publitio has the vision to become a leader in the field of storage, processing, and delivery of all kinds of media files. The cloud storage market will become $80 billion worth in 2022, growing up to $100 billion in 2025. Recently, Publitio raised €200,000 investment from the Serbian company Vega IT.


7th Startup Academy Generation Demo Day Highlights — €20,000 grant Shared Between Shtreber and Tenderly

The 7th Startap Academy came to a close with presentations of this year’s attendees.


Nina Makes a Cradle Which Saves the Lives of Babies and Its Investors are Leonardo DiCaprio and Scarlett Johanson

Nina Karp is a technology entrepreneur originally from Belgrade, whose startup is behind the world’s first smart baby cradle. Recently she has opened a department of her company Happiest Baby in her hometown.


Serbian Engineering Talent Ranks Among the Top 5 in the World According to the Global Startup Ecosystem report

Startups in Serbia can access affordable, high-quality engineering talent, which ranks among the top five in the world, as well for the early-stage funding per startup. Gaming and blockchain are leading subsectors according to the Global Startup Ecosystem report for 2019.


A Serbian Scientist is the First Woman to Become a Head at the Prestigious Tandon Technical College in New York

In August 2018, Belgrade-born Jelena Kovacevic broke the 164-year-long tradition when she became the first female dean of the Tandon Technical College at New York University.


Google is the Newest Member of Digital Serbia Initiative

Google started interacting with the Serbian tech ecosystem in 2018, when it partnered up with local tech community organization Startit.


Embroker, a US Company With 60 Employees in Serbia, Raised $28 Million

Embroker recently received a $28M investment to develop its software. Tola Capital’s VC is listed as a major financier with participation from existing investors such as Canaan Partners, Bee Partners, Manulife Capital Ventures, Nyca Partners, and XL Innovate.


Modeled on Facebook and Google – Epic Games and 3Lateral Plan to Build a Science-Education Center in Novi Sad

A series of investments are planned to support education and educational infrastructure in Novi Sad.


Fintech Company Builder Finleap Acquires SME Banking Provider Penta

Just since months after raising $7 million in Series A funding, Germa SME banking provider Penta, founded by Berlin-based Serbian entrepreneurs, has been acquired by Finleap. Although Penta will become part of the Finleap ecosystem remains independent in doing business.


London-Based PolyAI Raises $12M in Series A Funding

PolyAI, a London startup founded by experts in the field of “conversational AI”, including CEO Nikola Mrkšić from Belgrade, who was previously the first engineer at Apple-acquired VocalIQ, raises $12M in Series A funding to deploy its tech in customer support contact centres.


US Blue Chip Company NCR to Build Tech Campus and Employ Over 4,000 People in Serbia

Last year, NCR got its resources ready to start the construction of a tech campus in Serbia this spring. In a year or two, when the campus is all built up, Belgrade will have one of the most modern centers for growth and expansion of this company’s business and a place for 4,000 employees.


Good Companies Are Bought, Not Sold: the Story Behind the Largest Serbian Startup Acquisition

Serbian cloud computing startup Frame, recently joined forces with Nutanix, in the largest acquisition for a Serbian startup so far. Frame’s founder, Nikola Bozinovic, tells a story of his entrepreneurial journey that started back in 2006 and building a high-tech company from the ground up with a group of talented engineers and enthusiasts.


Fortnite Creator Epic Games Acquires 3Lateral, Maker of Super-Realistic “Digital Humans” from Novi Sad

Epic Games announced that they’ve acquired Serbia-based 3Lateral, a game studio focused on designing more realistic computer-generated human characters. No details on a price or specific deal terms were given.


Serbian Agremo Raises $600,000 Investment from SC Ventures and Startlabs

Serbian company Agremo, the creator of a platform that uses modern technology to enable remote monitoring and analysis of farmland, has received an investment of $600,000 last December.


Google’s Vision and Logic Behind Supporting Serbia’s Emerging Startup Ecosystem

What’s Google Launchpad and why were Serbian startups their first choice for support in Europe?


Novi Sad Based Clockify Reaches 160,000 Active Users – 400% Growth Just In the Last Quarter

The product of the software service provider COING from Novi Sad, Serbia, has been growing since its launch. In the first five days, this time tracking tool reached 17,000 users, and between the second and third quarters of this year, the number of users increased by 400%.


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