August 1, 2021

Belgrade-based startup Tenderly raises $15.3 Series A investment

Blockchain startup Tenderly has raised a $15.3 million series A investment in order to further develop its product and expand the team. The investment was led by the international fund Accel, a venture capital firm that was one of the earliest investors in companies such as Facebook, Spotify, Slack and Dropbox.

Tenderly is a comprehensive Ethereum Developer Platform for real-time monitoring, alerting, debugging, and simulating Smart Contracts. It was created with the aim of solving the problem that the founders of this startup faced: the lack of quality development tools for blockchain developers – specifically Ethereum.

The company’s Visual Debugger is already used by a large number of Ethereum developers and Tenderly hopes to continue improving and expanding its tool set in order to help more developers build on Ethereum networks and get their products out more quickly without compromising on usability.

The founders of the company said that the investment will help them expand globally. The Belgrade startup already raised a $3.3 million seed round earlier this year led by Point Nine Capital.

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