February 19, 2022

American-Serbian startup Sounder raises $7.7 million in Series A round

The American-Serbian startup and podcast platform Sounder secured an additional $7.7 million in Series A investment, bringing the startup’s total funding to $11.5 million. The new round of funding will enable further development of the tool and even greater support for the podcast ecosystem.

Kal Amin, CEO and co-founder of Sounder, put a special emphasis on the teams from the USA, Serbia and Netherlands, pointing out that thanks to them this investment became a reality. According to Amin, this international team invested enormous energy to bring the startup to the stage of intensive development:

There is a huge untapped opportunity for the audio and podcast industry, spanning everything from independent creators to major media companies to audio platforms. Unfortunately, this progress lags behind other media. There has been a technological deficiency that has plagued most creators in the audio industry until now. Machine learning, artificial intelligence and natural language processing have yet to impact this industry in the way they have advanced other forms of content and monetization platforms over the last decade.

The focus in the coming period will be on their Audio Data Cloud through the improvement of technologies related to transcription, NLP and AI tools, as well as on developing a complete solution for monetization.

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