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We're a group of activists and entrepreneurs in love with how technology can make life better. We're from Serbia and we're inspired with Nikola Tesla, just as he was inspired with his Serbian heritage. We are inspired by how he made the world a better place with his inventions, his boldness, selflessness and a global mindset. Tesla Nation is our way to connect to the rest of the globe, create meaningful technological solutions and improve the world together by thinking bold and inventing.


Just like Nikola Tesla could change the world only by connecting to the world outside of his home in South East Europe, we too are on a mission to connect Serbian innovators to the world. We know that there are loads of talent for technology and innovation in Serbia, and want to unlock it to the benefit of mankind by matching Serbian innovators to global partners. In the process, we also aim to put the lesser known country of Serbia, Nikola Tesla's nation, on the map of the world.


Tesla Nation is a project of Belgrade-based NGO SEE ICT, aka Startit. It's headed by Vukašin Stojkov, founder and CEO, together with a team of professionals that specialize in business matchmaking, due dilligence, quality assurance and other roles. Management is helped by an Advisory board consisting of tech industry veterans who have made their careers in North America or by working closely with American partners, and a Council of partners, consisting of organizations who make Tesla Nation's work possible.


In order to make our mission a reality, we've called upon a number of companies and organizations to support the project by sponsoring our work and providing us with guidance and advice.

We would especially like to recognize and thank our colleagues at Serbian Entrepreneurs who have been an invaluable partner to us since the inception of our endeavour.

Here is the list of Tesla Nation partners, in the order in which they came on board:


Our biggest assets are the kind people who have accepted our call to join Tesla Nation as ambassadors — people who believe in our mission and want to lend their hand (and wisdom) to us on our journey. Here are the ambassadors, in alphabetical order:

We'd also like to thank our first organizatonal ambassadors for joining us: Google Launchpad, Hubba and People Squared.


Feel free to reach out to our Founder and CEO directly via [email protected]

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About Tesla Nation

Tesla Nation™ is a project by SEE ICT / Startit started with the goal of choosing the best technology inventors and professionals of Serbian heritage and connect them to partners from all around the world,
inspired by the vision and ambition of Nikola Tesla.

How can we help?

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